Diamonds have a lot more value

Natural Diamond

  • Are inherently rare, precious and valuable
  • Their value only increases with time
  • Treasured for a lifetime and passed onto future generations
  • Diamonds represents all significant
  • Are the ultimate symbol of love, commitment, achievement and self expression

Laboratory - Grown Diamonds

  • They can be mass-produced in a matter of days, hence they are not rare or precious
  • There is no perceived value or sentimentality associated with laboratory-grown diamonds

Diamonds are rare, will become rarer

Crafted by nature, billions of years ago, natural diamond are inherently rare and precious - an irreplaceable symbol of love and commitment

Facts about natural diamonds

  • Natural diamonds pre-date life on earth. They are tiny time capsules.
  • Diamonds were formed deep within the Earth’s mantle.
  • Most of the diamonds recovered today come from kimberlite deposits discovered decades ago.
  • Only 15% of kimberlite deposits ever found contain diamonds - and of these, only 1% are of gem quality
  • Diamond supply is not increasing and the finest natural diamonds will become increasingly rare

Lgd’s are factory Made hence they Are not rare

Facts About Laboratory - Grown Diamonds

  • LGDs can be manufactured very quickly- a one carat LGD can be produced in as little as 3 -5 days
  • LGDs are not unique, they don’t possess the enduring value of natural diamonds
  • The prices of LGDs will continue to drop as technology improves.
  • 100% of LGDs can be detected